Ценни съвети за стъпките в обучението на все по-добро ритане на делфин

Ценни съвети за стъпките в обучението на все по-добро ритане на делфин
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During our travels, we get the opportunity to work with many teams. This past week in Lexington Kentucky, we visited the Swimchester Sailfish and saw a simple progression for developing better underwater dolphins.

Why do it:
Teaching proper underwater dolphins at a young age gives an increased potential for any swimmer.

How to do it:
1 – For this nine year old swimmer, they start with single-arm extended dolphin kick with the breath being taken to the side when necessary.
2 – Using short, cut-off fins, the swimmer makes a slightly better connection through the entire body.
3 – Move the swimmer underwater to a streamline position for her next series of underwaters.
4 – Vary the tempo and amplitude until a flowing body dolphin begins to appear.

How to do it really well (the fine points):
Make sure the swimmer has a „target“, or breakout point so she doesn’t go too far. After a while and some testing on rate, remove the fins. Repeat this drill frequently and make sure the swimmer is connecting the chest and hips, and not just kicking from the knees down.

We love watching the youngest swimmers understand and build these processes. This young swimmer was most impressive. Great job by all!

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